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Upcoming Fundraisers and School Events

Please note: all information about the carnival event will be located on the "DLG Carnival" page.

Until further notice, all in-person fundraisers (ie. movie nights) are cancelled. We will still be doing Purdy's and possibly ShopFunds so please keep an eye out for an email containing details on how to order this year.

Image by Eric Rothermel
Upcoming Fundraisers and School Events: About Us
Recycling Bottles

Return-It Depot Fundraiser (Year Round)

Make a donation to the DLG PAC by returning your recyclables to the Vancouver West Return-It Depot:

1253 West 75th Avenue

Monday to Saturday (9 AM - 6 PM)

Sunday (10 AM - 5 PM) 

IMPORTANT: Please let them know you want the DLG PAC account to be credited.

Upcoming Fundraisers and School Events: Our Philosophy

Shop Funds

Winter and Spring

After an extremely successful first attempt at a Shop Funds fundraiser, we have decided to make this a bi-annual fundraiser (Winter and Spring). 

For more information on the gift card program, please click the link below.

Gift Card
Upcoming Fundraisers and School Events: About Us
Choclate Truffle Selection

Purdy's Chocolates

Winter and Spring

Purdy's ordering is available twice a year for Christmas and Easter. Please check back soon for more information on our Christmas 2020 fundraiser.

Upcoming Fundraisers and School Events: Academics
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