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Sensory Room Fundraiser 2023


We have officially reached our full fundraising goal of $17,017.

The cost of equipment/supplies and room decor was estimated at $17,017. We were approved for the Variety Schools Program matching grant in the amount of $8,067 and had a remaining fundraising goal of $8,950. Orders have been placed with six Canadian special needs vendors, totaling $16,134. The remaining $874 covers items that Variety could not fund (including an order from a US company - Yogibo, foam safety flooring, DIY sensory projects, and room decor). Here is a breakdown of how we successfully raised the funds:

DLG family donors: $5,033

Variety Children's Charity (Variety Schools Program): $8,067

Shoppers Drug Mart: $2,000

Vancouver Rotary Club: $1,917


Please stay tuned for more updates! In the fall, we will have a 'grand opening' with donors and some media personnel in attendance. We have media consent forms from Variety for any families who wish to be part of a program that will be aired in October 2023.

The DLG PAC has formed a subcommittee to design, fundraise for, and build a fully equipped, multisensory environment (sensory room) in our new school. This subcommittee is chaired by one of our current PAC co-chairs, Ashley Hansen (mom of a grade 3 student). Anyone interested in helping (in any capacity) can email the PAC.

The goal is to create an adaptable room for students requiring extra support throughout the day (i.e. for behavioral or neurodevelopmental reasons, mental health support needs, etc.) to use for short periods of time (with staff supervision) that can act as any of the following:

  • A safe space to cope with sensory overload and/or emotional overwhelm

  • A space for those in need of sensory input (i.e., proprioceptive activities, sensory play)

  • A calming space with minimal sensory stimuli (i.e., quiet, low light, calming visuals)

  • A range of therapeutic activities and tools for those who need regular sensory breaks (i.e., sensory bins, games, communication boards, fidget toys, weighted items, noise-canceling headphones, etc.)

The Variety Schools Grant has been submitted and is currently in review. If approved for the matching grant, we will need to raise approximately $10,000 to meet the goal that will allow us to make all purchases (quotes have been created for the grant but prices may be subject to change depending on when they are purchased).

How to donate:

  1. Donations under $20 or not requiring a tax receipt: cash, cheque (payable to DLG PAC), or Interac e-transfer **Please see the letter that went home for the security question & password or email the PAC

  2. Donations requiring a tax receipt (minimum $20): a tax receipt can be provided instantly by making your donations through School Cash Online

    1. Login to

    2. Click ‘Make a Donation’ then select fund destination ‘E-David Lloyd George PAC’

    3. In the message box, please indicate ‘Sensory room donation'

Any donations in excess of the $10,000 goal (approximate cost if the grant is approved) will be considered undesignated funds in the PAC general account and may be used for the sensory room or other PAC initiatives/events (this will require another vote before spending)

For more information on sensory rooms, you can visit:

Sensory Room Fundraiser: About Us
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